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Battery Simulator Application in Cell Voltage Monitor (CVM) Calibration


Battery Simulator Application in Cell Voltage Monitor (CVM) Calibration

August 20,2021
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The fuel cell voltage monitor (CVM) is an important part of fuel cell engine system and stack inspection. It has the characteristics ofmultiple channels, fast response and high voltage measurement accuracy. It can perform real-time analysis of the monitored voltage data group, comprehensive and rapid fault diagnosis, andreal-time monitoring, diagnosis, storage and query of the status and performance of the fuel cell stack monolithic, which can ensure the stability and reliability of the fuel cell, and improve the working efficiency of the fuel cell.

fuel cell engine module


When engineers develop a CVM or do CVM ex-factory test, in order to ensure the accuracy of CVM measurement, usually multiple power supplies are used for CVM calibration test. Compared with power supply, the battery simulator has the advantages of higher accuracy and more channels. A battery simulator has 16 channels, which can greatly save the purchase cost of multiple power supplies. Therefore, engineers can use the battery simulator to complete CVM calibration test. In response to users’ needs, NGI has developed N8336 series 16-channel battery simulator. This battery simulator has the following characteristics.

n8336 16 channel battery simulator

Ultra-high integration for improving test efficiency

N8336 series standalone integrates up to 16 power supply channels which can be connected in series. Each channel is isolated.Ultra-high integration can greatly reduce the amount of power supplies used in test and improve the efficiency of calibration test.

Ultra-high precision and high sampling rate

The voltage accuracy of N8336 series battery simulator can reach up to0.1mV. Its sampling speed can reach up to10ms. These two features can meet the demand for DC power supply in CVM calibration test.

n8336 operation interface

Stable current output and programming function

N8336 series battery simulator can provide stable current output for CVM calibration test. Engineers can set voltage and current of each channel separately on the application software. According to the test requirements, engineers can change the parameters at any time to fully simulate the output characteristics of fuel cell and quickly verify the CVM response under different conditions.

Below table is test data ofN8336 battery simulator.

Channel No.N8336 Voltage①(V)CVM Voltage①(V)Error①(V)N8336 Voltage②(V)CVM Voltage②(V)Error②(V)N8336 Voltage③(V)CVM Voltage③ (V)Error③(V)

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