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The application of NGI high-precision BMS test solution


The application of NGI high-precision BMS test solution

November 03,2023
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The application of NGI high-precision BMS test solution in the world's TOP 20 auto parts suppliers

● Background

Customer Y is one of the world's top 20 auto parts supplier, with global sales of more than 15 billion USD and more than 57,000 employees, focusing on automotive interior and exterior decoration, car seats, cockpit electronics and passive safety fields,intelligent cockpit and lightweight technology, assistance in car manufacturers to explore the future mobility space, and provide complete cockpit solutions.

BMS is a key component of electric vehicle, which has the functions of battery voltage and temperature acquisition, state estimation, charge and discharge management, among which battery voltage acquisition is an important basis of BMS. As a higher test requirements for electric vehicle battery life, SOC estimation, etc in this industry, the accuracy of BMS single voltage acquisition is also getting higher and higher. It is understood that the accuracy of some EV BMS in the market is better than 3mV, or even 1mV.

● User experience with other brand

In the early stage, customer Y needs to conduct single cell voltage acquisition, sleep current, balance and other tests on the automobile BMS board. The customer chooses a T brand battery simulator, and the voltage accuracy and current readback accuracy cannot fully meet the actual needs.

bms board balance test
Test itemTest instrumentExsiting problem
Single cell voltage acquisitionT battery simulator1)Low voltage accuracy: ≤±3mV@0.1~6V, 3mV accuracy can not meet with the requirement;
2)Current readback accuracy just 1mA, cannot meet the requirements of μA level sleep current test, and requires additional high-precision digital meter
Sleep current

NGI BMS testing solution

To meet with customer needs, NGI provides N83624 multi-channel battery simulator with higher accuracy, which perfectly solves the customer's problems such as single cell voltage acquisition and sleep current read-back accuracy.

cell bms voltage acquisition
Test itemTest instrumentAdvantages
Single cell voltage acquisitionNGI multi channel high accuracy battery simulator1)Accuracy of full scale range for single unit is 0.6mV,which can meet with the test requirement;
2)Currenet double range,Support μA level current measurement, saving additional meter procurement costs;
3)Support LCD panel display and keyboard operation, easy to use; Within standard LAN, RS232, CAN communication interface, support CANopen, SCPI protocol, support CAN DBC file.
Sleep current

In addition, NGI can also provide 0.1mV ultra-high precision multi-channel battery simulator to meet the needs of higher precision BMS testing,for more information,please visit our official website.

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