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N62100 series High Performance Benchtop DC Electronic Load
N62100 series High Performance Benchtop DC Electronic Load
N62100 series High Performance Benchtop DC Electronic Load
N62100 series High Performance Benchtop DC Electronic Load

N62100 series High Performance Benchtop DC Electronic Load

N62100 series is a high performance benchtop DC electronic load,supports 8 kinds of test mode,which includes CC/CV/CR/CP/CV+CC/CV+CR(CR-LED)/CR+CC,CP+CC.N62100 series also supports multi functions such as LED simulationtest,OCP/OPP/OVP test,load effect test,short circuit simulation,dynamic scaning,time measurement,impedance simulation,etc.It can be widely used in performance and aging test of industry power supply,portable power source,electronic component,fast charging adapter.

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Main Features
  • Voltage Range;80V/150V,Current range:0-60A

  • Power range:150W/300W/600W

  • Voltage/current/resistance/power dual range

  • Editable current rise/fall slew,adjustable voltage loop response speed

  • Voltage/current sampling frequency:up to 500KHz

  • Support LED simulation function,LED power supply load test

  • 8 kinds of test mode: CC,CV,CR,CP,CV+CC,CV+CR,CR+CC,CP+CC

  • Support load effect test,dynamic scaning,time measuremtn,discharge test function

  • Support SEQ test,auto test,Impedance simulation,short circuit simulation functions

  • Support OCP/OVP/OPP test mode

  • Support CC/CV/CR/CP dynamic test

  • Support LAN/RS232 communication control

Application Fields
  • Medium&low power supply test such as AC/DC power supply,DC/DC converter,LED power supply,communication powersupply,etc.

  • Component test such as automobile wire harness,connector,fuse,relay,central electric control box,etc.

  • Li-ion,accumulator,super capacitor discharging test.

  • Cellphone fast charge adapter,fast charge portable power source test.

Functions & Advantages

Multi optional operating modes

N62100 series not only supports regular CC/CV/CP/CR operating modes,but also supports CV+CC,CR+CC,CV+CR,CP+CC,combined operating modes to meet with the variation of load characteristic during the actual test procedure.

For example, CR+CC mode can be used for power supply starting up test to avoid over-current protection when power-on;CV+CR mode can be used for replacing Von-point setting application;CV+CC mode can be used for simulating the battery charging operating mode switching process,users can choose the different operating modes according to the actual test application.

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LED simulation function

LED driving source is a kind of constant currentsource,the output current should be stabilized and not higher than LED rated current,to avoid accelerating LED aging damage.LED is equivalent to series connection between Resistance Rd and Voltage source Vf,the tangent line of the I-V curve at the operating point (V0, I0) is equivalent to the actual LED nonlinear I-V curve.

N62100 series supports LED simulation function,Usersneed to set LED rated current,LED operating voltage, resistivity parameters to simulate the LED loading characteristics during LED power supply test process.

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Overcurrent protection test function

The up slope current is used to test whether the voltage of DUT reaches the cut-off point, so as to confirm whether the OCPprotection of the power supply is normal,and test the output response of the DUT under over-current.

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Product Dimension

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