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N68000 Series High Power DC Electronic Load

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N68000 series high power high voltage programmable dc electronic load
N68000 front panel
N68000 configuration
N68000 rear panel
N68000 Series High Power DC Electronic Load
N68000 Series High Power DC Electronic Load
N68000 Series High Power DC Electronic Load
N68000 Series High Power DC Electronic Load

N68000 Series High Power DC Electronic Load

N68000 series is developed based on NGI's years of experience in testing for power supply, car charger, battery and supercapacitor. It is with high accuracy, high reliability and high cost performance.It has CC, CV, CP and CR mode. N68000 series supports SEQ test, dynamic test, charge test, discharge test, OCP test, etc. The power range covers from 2.4kW to 14.4kW.

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Main Features

●Power range: 2.4kW to 14.4kW

●Voltage range: 150V/600V/1000V

●Operation modes: CC/CV/CR/CP

●CR/CP function supported by hardware

●Charge test, Discharge test and OCP test

●High power density, minimizing space occupation

●Editable rise and fall slew rate

●Editable Von/Voff

●Transient over-power loading capability

●Programmable sequence test function(SEQ), up to 100 groups sequence files, up to 50 steps per file

●Comprehensive MOS protection

●Multiple protection: OCP, OVP, OTP, OPP and reverse polarity warning

●Analog programming interface(APG), current monitoring interface, and remote/local trigger function

●Multiple communication interfaces: LAN/RS232/CAN

Application Fields

●Charging station, car charger

●High current relay

●DC-DC power supply, server power supply

●Energy storage system

●Communication power supply capacitor module, battery pack

application in power supply&energy storage

Functions & Advantages

High reliability design

N68000 series has a comprehensive MOS protection circuit. No matter how much MOS is damaged, it will not cause short-circuit between the positive and negative polarity or the positive polarity and the control circuit. The damage of some MOSs does not accelerate the damage of others, which can be used continuously. By distributed design, it is easy to replace or add power modules and is convenient for maintenance and power expansion. N68000 is designed with power limit circuit and has fast response, which can prevent the load from being damaged due to over power. N68000 adopts shielding technology, which has wide adaptability to harsh test environment, and improves the anti-interference ability.

comprehensive MOS protection circuit

Short-circuit function

N68000 series supports two modes for short circuit: manual and lock.

Manual: N68000 will be short-circuited when Short button is pressed. It will stop short-circuiting when button is released. Manual mode is suitable for debugging or R&D, avoiding measurement accidents due to misoperation.

Lock: N68000 will keep short-circuiting when Short button is pressed. It will stop short-circuiting when the button is pressed again. Lock mode is suitable for long-time short-circuit test.

short-circuit function

Dynamic mode

N68000 series provides three options for dynamic: continuous, toggle and pulse. The dynamic rate is up to 20kHz and can be adjustable. This function is often used to test power supply transient performance, battery protection board protection performance and battery pulse charging.

dynamic mode

Transient over-power loading capability

In transient high power applications, users do not need to select models according to the Max. power. Take DC motor start-up simulation for example. The transient power at start-up is usually several times of the rated power. It can also test the transient overload performance of power supplies and the transient high-power discharge of power batteries.

transient over-power loading capability

External programming

Users can control load voltage and current via external analog input. 0-10V input through the external programming interface corresponds to 0-full scale output on the load.

external programming

Current monitoring

0-10V analog output at the current monitoring output terminal corresponds to 0-full scale current. Users can use a voltmeter or oscilloscope to monitor the current variation.

current monitoring

Programmable slew rate

Rise and fall slew rates are settable to prevent overshoot and meet different test demands. The conversion slew defines the current or voltage transition rate when the on-load main value of N68000 changes. When the slew is set to the maximum value, the transition time between the main value and the transient value is minimal.

programmable slew rate


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