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N8361F Bipolar Programmable DC Power Supply

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N8361F bipolar voltage and bidirectional current output programmable dc power supply
N8361F rear panel
N8361F Bipolar Programmable DC Power Supply
N8361F Bipolar Programmable DC Power Supply

N8361F Bipolar Programmable DC Power Supply

N8361F series is a programmable DC power supply with bipolar voltage and bidirectional current output, which can be operated from the first to the fourth quadrant. N8361F supports characteristics such as fast response, high accuracy, high stability, high flexibility. Its voltage rise and fall time less than 50μs, current accuracy up to 1μA, it can be used in applications that require positive and negative voltage power supply, such as analog circuits, laboratory equipment, electronic component testing and automotive electronic ground drift testing.

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Main Features

●Voltage Range:-20V~+20V

●Current Range: -10A~+10A,Power Range:0-200W

●Voltage rise and fall time ≤50μs

●Support SEQ mode

●High accuracy: Voltage accuracy 0.01%+2mV, current accuracy up to 1μA

●High precision DVM

●Support front and rear outlet, easier for desktop & integration

●With digital I/O, supporting trigger test

●LAN/RS232/CAN Interface

Application Fields

●Positive and negative voltage electronic products test

●Consumer electronics fast charge test

●Analog circuit, relay test

●ECU ground drift test

Functions & Advantages

Bipolar power supply,four-quadrant operation

The unique feature of bipolar DC power supply is the positive and negative polarity switch. By adjusting the position of the switch, users can choose positive voltage or negative voltage output to meet the needs of circuit testing. Combined with the bidirectional current flow design, N8361F can achieve four-quadrant operation.

bipolar power supply,4 quadrant operation

Front and rear wiring design

N8361F is equipped with banana jack at the front panel and output terminal at the rear panel, which is easy for desktop application & integration, and improves the test efficiency.

DVM test function

N8361F series provides basic circuit measurement function. It has one channel built-in DVM to test external voltage. The voltage range is -30V ~ 30V, and the resolution is 0.1mV. The LCD screen will show the dynamic data, which is convenient for users to observe the voltage changes.

Product dimension

N8361F dimension


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