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NXI-3201 Series Programmable DC Electronic Load Card

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NXI-3201 series programmable dc electronic load card
NXI-3201 programmable module for integration system
NXI-3201 Series Programmable DC Electronic Load Card
NXI-3201 Series Programmable DC Electronic Load Card

NXI-3201 Series Programmable DC Electronic Load Card

NXI-3201 series is a high-precision, highly integrated, full-featured modular programmable DC electronic load developed by NGI. It adopts NXI architecture, designed for integration applications, supports CC/CV/CP/CR/LED and other operating modes, with OCP/OVP/OPP/ OTP and other multiple protection functions. NXI-3201 series can be widely used in many fields, such as low power switching power supply, DC/DC converter, LED power supply, automotive electronics, research and education, etc.

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Main Features

●Power range: 20W/25W/50W

●Voltage range: 0~20V/0~60V/0~100V

●Current range: 0~1A/0~5A/0~10A

●Dual measurement range for CC, CV, CP, CR mode

●Convenient for multi-channel power test with synchronous load

●Multiple test mode: CC/CV/CR/CP/CCD/CVD/CPD/CRD/LED

●Editable rise and fall slew rate for voltage and current; Adjustable circuit loop response speed

●OCP/OPP/short circuit simulation

●Sequence(SEQ) test, auto test, Von/Voff test mode

●With single/double slots, applicable to NXI-F1000 chassis

●12VDC power supply, LAN communication for individual control

●Supporting SCPI/Modbus-RTU protocol and external trigger

Application Fields

●Low power supply test, such as AC/DC power, DC/DC converter, LED power, communication power, etc.

●Test of automotive wiring harness, connector, fuse, relay, etc.

●Discharge test of lithium battery, storage battery, etc.

Functions & Advantages

Ultra-high integration, 4U chassis with up to 16 channels

NXI-3201 DC Programmable Electronic Load Cards can be integrated with NXI-F1080 and other chassis, supporting up to 16 channels in a single device. Each channel is electrically isolated. It can be controlled separately or simultaneously. The ultra-high integration in multi-channel batch test system applications reduces test cost and instrument occupation for users.NXI-F1080 VS traditional electronic load

LED light simulation to test LED driving power

The electronic load has LED light simulation function. As shown in the figure, the LED equivalent circuit is to connect the resistance Rd with the voltage source Vf in series. Its I-V curve is equivalent to tangent of the real LED nonlinear I-V curve at the operating point (Vo, Io). With built-in LED mode, NXI-3201 boosts efficient testing of LED power supplies

LED light simulation to test LED driving power

OCP (over current protection) test

During OCP test, NXI-3201 will load under CC mode and check whether the DUT voltage is lower than end voltage. If lower, NXI-3201 will record the present loading current as the test result and shut the input to stop the test. If the DUT voltage is higher than end voltage, NXI-3201 will increase the loading current until the DUT voltage is lower than end voltage or it reaches the Max. loading current.OCP (over current protection) test


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