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NXI-5100 Series Programmable Resistance Module

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NXI-5100 series high density programmable resistance card
NXI-5100 Series Programmable Resistance Module

NXI-5100 Series Programmable Resistance Module

NXI-5100 is a high-density multi-channel programmable resistor module that supports LAN bus control. Its optional range of resistance is 0Ω~11.11MΩ. Resistance accuracy can be up to 0.1%. For different applications, the flexible design architecture supports a single module with optional 8, 12, 16, and 24 channels, and provides a corresponding level of resistance resolution, which is up to 1Ω, to meet the needs of different test scenarios.

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Main Features

●Optional 8, 12, 16, 24 channels

●Optional resistance range: 0Ω (short circuit) ~ 11.11MΩ

●Resistor programming resolution up to 1Ω

●Resistance accuracy: ±0.1%

●Resistance maximum power: 0.25W

●Switch life: low load > 100 million operations, full load > 1 million operations

●Fast action, supporting 2000 times resistance programming per second

●Supporting specification and model customization

●Single module 4HP width, supporting NXI-F1080 chassis and N8000S box for integration application

●Control circuit isolated from programmable resistor

●Maximum operating voltage: 125 VAC, 60 VDC

●Maximum switching current: 0.5A

●Switch close time: <1.1ms, switch release time: <0.4ms

●LAN communication control

Application Fields

●NTC temperature simulation

●BMS test

●Adjustable resistor replacement

●Integration test system

Functions & Advantages

NXI-5100 model selection


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