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NXI-6201 Programmable Analog Output Card Module

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N6201 programmable modular instrument NXI-6201 series 16-bit 4-channel analogue output card
NXI-6201 Programmable Analog Output Card Module

NXI-6201 Programmable Analog Output Card Module

NXI-6201-4/16 is a 16-bit 4-channel analogue output card. The voltage accuracy is as high as 0.03%+0.02%F.S. through high precision measurement. NXI-6201-4/16 can be used in NXI modular instrumentation measurement and control chassis or powered separately, widely used in automotive electronics, energy storage and other test scenarios, such as simulation of shunt/Hall current sensor outputs for total current signal simulation testing.

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Main Features

●Analogue output range: ±5V, ±200mV

●4-channel analog output with inter-channel isolation

●Output resolution: 16 bits

●Voltage accuracy up to 0.03% + 0.02% F.S.

●Current accuracy: 0.05%+0.05%F.S.

●Support each channel independent configuration voltage/current

●Single card with single slot, applicable to NXI-F1000 chassis or independent use

●Support Modbus-RTU, SCPI and CANopen protocols

●Support 12VDC power supply input, LAN communication for individual control

Application Fields

●Shunt Simulation

●Hall Sensor Simulation

●BMS Test System

●Other ATE Systems


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