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2024 New Series NXI Modular Instruments

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2024 New Series NXI Modular Instruments

April 02,2024
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NXI series programmable module

NXI series modular instruments

More cost-effective
It can effectively reduce the initial investment of the production line measuring   
Safer and more reliable
All channels are electrically isolated, which can effectively reduce the electrical signal interference between each other.   
Easier to expand
A measuring chassis can control more than 250 modular instruments, which is suitable for multi-point distributed testing.
Full range of functions
It can be widely used in various test scenarios, including automotive electronics, 3C electronics, home appliances, industrial automation and other fields, deeply matches industrial manufacturing and testing needs.

Data Acquisition Card
Dc source voltage&current measurement card with high precision comparable to mainstream six-and-a-half-digit digital multi-meters. The 32-channel analog input card meets the needs of multi-channel signal acquisition.
Programmable DC Source&Load Card
Modular dc source and load, 4U and 16-channel compact design can effectively save your space for the testing.
Digital I/O Card
Multi-channel digital signal output measurement meets the testing needs of multiple types of DUT such as controllers and motors.
Programmable Resistance Card
High precision multi channel programmable resistance card, which can be widely used in NTC resistor simulation, resistive sensors simulation etc.

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