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N62100 Benchtop Lab Programmable DC Electronic Load

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N62100 Benchtop Lab Programmable DC Electronic Load

April 02,2024
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N62100 programmable dc electronic load

N62100 Series Programmable DC Electronic Load

High Performance
Precise measurement accuracy
Faster Respond
Actual Measurement Rise 5A/μs
High-speed Dynamic Response Performance
wider programmable range, 150V/40A/300W, 105% margin, larger current

High versatility and suitable for various test scenarios
LED power supply, switching power supplies, adapters, batteries, electronic components

Benchtop Unit
Quickly take screenshots with USB flash drive and record test data at any time
4.3-inch large screen
Shortcut button knob for easy operation
Diversified use forms for convenient operation and multiple viewing angles, benchtop application and integration system application available

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