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N9244 Series High Precision Multi Channel Programmable DC Power Supply

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N9244 series multi channel constant current programmable dc power supply
N9244 rear panel
N9244 Series High Precision Multi Channel Programmable DC Power Supply
N9244 Series High Precision Multi Channel Programmable DC Power Supply

N9244 Series High Precision Multi Channel Programmable DC Power Supply

N9244 series is a constant current programmable power supply with multi-channel, high integration, high performance, a standard ½ 19 inch 2U chassis with 44 channels constant-current source output. It supports both desktop and system applications. N9244 series voltage specification is 40V, support constant current 5mA output, no leakage current under OFF state. NGI provides standard upper computer software to support large-scale testing and LAN/RS232 communication control. Users can carry out secondary development according to testing process and testing requirements, which is convenient for integrated system testing.

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Main Features

●Voltage range 0~40 V

●Current range 0~5 mA

●Current resolution 1μA

●Constant current accuracy 0.1%+20μA

●All-round protection to ensure the safety of instruments and products under test

●4.3-inch HD color screen, simple operation interface, easy to use

●Communication supports LAN, RS232, and standard MODBUS protocols

●No leakage current under OFF state

●High integration, single unit with 44 channels

●Adopt modular architecture, easy maintenance

Application Fields

●Mini LED Luminescent Device

●LED Lamp Beads

●LED Light Bar

●LED Chips

Functions & Advantages

Constant current mode, fast test

With the continuous breakthrough of technology, LED pixel spacing is further reduced, Mini LED added a lot of new development space to the industry. The chip size of Mini LED is 10μm level, which means that the demand of traditional side entry light source display for lamp beads may be between 20~30 pcs, while the demand of Mini LED display for lamp beads will be increased to hundreds or even thousands, then the channels number of test instrument also needs more. N9244 series supports one key to enter constant current mode, current unified setting, realize 44 channels fast test, it can improve the test efficiency, greatly reduce the production cost.

HD color screen, show all information

The N9244 series uses a large 4.3-inch HD color screen, which displays the information of readback voltage&current, current setting, and multilevel menu. The readback between different channels can be fast switched, and it can display voltage and current information for 22 channels at the same time, and support USB flash disk quick screenshot, real-time storage of test data.

HD color screen

Modular design,easy maintenance&expansion

N9244 series adopts modular design, a single device has 2 output interfaces, each of which has 22 channels. The use efficiency of the instrument can be greatly improved by customized connectors, and it greatly reduce the tedious work of traditional test equipment wiring.

Product dimension

N9244 dimension


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