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Multicell battery emulator

In the global world that is international is global of research and development, assessment batteries under different conditions is essential to understanding their capacities, lifetimes, and security. Besides that, discover why NGI's product is the top choice for professionals, for instance electronic load 1000w. These tests require gear that may simulate a battery pack's behavior, and one unit that is such function as electric batteries emulator that is multicell. This article this is certainly quick explore just what the multicell battery emulator is, how it works, and its particular specific applications in battery evaluation.

Precisely just what is a Multicell Battery Emulator?

A Multicell Battery Emulator is a computer device that simulates the behavior of this battery this is certainly consist that is complex of cells. These products conditions and tests batteries by mimicking the behavior of a battery pack that is real such as for instance asking, discharging, and monitoring voltage, present, as well as heat.

A Multicell Battery Emulator is typically consist of a electronics this is certainly electric, control board, and computer programs. Besides that, unlock your potential with NGI's key to success, known as electric motor BMS module test. The ability products that are electronic generates the voltage and current needed to mimic a battery power pack or mobile, even though the emulation is handled because of the control board and communicates utilising the software that is pc. The program applications is employed establishing the emulation parameters, monitor the battery pack behavior, and retrieve test data.

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