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Application of NGI DC Power Supply in Hall Current Sensor

April 01,2024

Hall current sensor is a sensor that detects current by relying on electromagnetic characteristics.It can indirectly measure the current of current-carrying conductor by measuring the Hall potential,making the non-contact measurement of current possible. Hall current sensors mainly include two types: open-loop and closed-loop. The closed-loop Hall current sensor is also called a zero-flux Hall current sensor. Zero-flux Hall current sensor is composed of magnetic core, Hall element, compensation winding, error amplifier circuit, etc. It has the advantages of short response time, high operating frequency, strong overload capacity, and high isolation. It is suitable for measuring complex electric quantities of various frequencies and various waveform. Zero-flux Hall current sensor is widely used in variable frequency speed regulation devices, inverter devices, UPS power supplies, photovoltaic power generation, communication rooms, CNC machine tools, microcomputer monitoring systems, power grid monitoring systems and various fields that require isolation and detection of current.

hall current sensor circuit schematic

The Composition and Principle of Zero-flux Hall Current Sensor

In order to accurately detect the change of input current, and also to form a DC signal with linear change between output current and input current, the zero-flux Hall current sensor usually requires an auxiliary power supply as the working power supply. The DC power supply specifications that engineers choose often are generally ±12Vdc, ±15Vdc, ±24Vdc, 12Vdc, 24Vdc, etc.

zero-flux hall current sensor

Zero-flux Hall Current Sensor

Taking the current detection of high-voltage busbar of new energy vehicles as an example, because the DC current is too high during the total current test of the vehicle, it is necessary to use the non-contact measurement method to measure the current. The zero-flux Hall current sensor is a common choice. This zero-flux Hall current sensor requires a ±15V DC power supply to operate.

NGI N3412 test wiring

NGI N3412 Test Wiring

N3412 launched by NGI is a high-performance, high-reliability three-channel programmable DC power supply with voltage range of 0-32V, current range of 0-5A, and resolution of 0.1mV/0.1mA, which fully meet the demand of auxiliary power supply of zero-flux Hall current sensor at ±12Vdc, ±15Vdc, ±24Vdc, 12Vdc, 24Vdc, etc.

NGI N3412 3 channels programmable dc source 

NGI N3412 Three-channel Programmable DC Power Supply

N3412 also has 3 output modes of CH1/CH2 series, parallel and trace, which can be switched with push-button on the front panel without external serial/parallel wiring. During the test, N3412 power supply can be switched to trace mode by push-button to realize positive and negative voltage output, which greatly improve test efficiency.

senes mode parallel mode trace mode

NGI N3412 Three Output Modes

Different from traditional front-wiring DC power supplies, N3412 supports both front and rear panel wiring. User can place N3412 on the desktop or integrate it into the cabinet, which brings a convenient experience.

N3412 front and rear wiring

NGI N3412 Front and Rear Wiring

Hall current sensors are widely used in industrial automation, detection technology and information processing. As a partner of Hall current sensors, DC power supply can also be used in above-mentioned fields.

NGI has a wide range of measurement and control product lines, and is committed to providing complete test solutions for the electronics industry.

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